You're in safe hands ~

Our ultimate goal is to foster long-term relationships with our guests.
By prioritizing your needs and safety, we strive to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more.
Join SailwithBianca and embark on an unforgettable journey where luxury, safety, and exceptional service await.
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Bianca's crew ~

At SailwithBianca, we take pride in our highly experienced crew, dedicated to providing outstanding service and crafting unforgettable experiences for our esteemed guests.

Onboard, you’ll be guided by a solid and reliable captain, a highly capable and engaged skipper, and a brilliant chef.
Each member of our team is handpicked for their expertise and passion, ensuring a seamless and delightful journey.

Alex Ricci: Captain

Lorenzo Merla: First Mate

Giorgia Vitiello: Chef 
Giorgia’s first approach to the nautical industry was from the managerial and marketing side. Then she realized that working on board would have allowed her to live her passions:  cooking, delivering great experiences to people and sailing. So she left land and is now happily living her best life, constantly motivated to develop her skills and knowledge.

Alex Ricci
Lorenzo Merla
First Mate
Giorgia Vitiello

Join our crew ~

Our team is committed to upholding the highest quality standards, akin to a 5-star environmentally conscious hotel at sea.
Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, and we spare no effort in delivering a superior sailing experience.